• Minecraft Snapshot 12W22A

    Snapshot time! Quick overview of changes:

    • Trading with villagers has been updated
    • Enchantment system has been rebalanced
    • A new Redstone-activating block
    • Better Creative inventory
    • Pausing should work in single-player now
    • Some minor terrain changes
    • Added an “adventure” game mode (/gamemode 2), but requires more work
    • A lot of smaller changes and fixes

    Get the snapshot here:

    If you havent downloaded Minecraft you can grab it here: www.minecraft.net/download

    I recently received an angry email about these snapshots. The complaint was that we just upload these JAR files with absolutely no information on how they are supposed to be used. This is true, and is somewhat of a legacy from how the snapshotting was started: to give previews of possibly broken features. Expert users could satisfy their curiosity, and we received invaluable feedback on work in progress.

    The snapshots have gained popularity over time, though, so this information needs to be restated. The snapshots can potentially destroy your save games, even though we try our best not to do that. Only use them if you know what you are doing. To “install” a snapshot, you download the JAR file and replace the one located in your “application data” (%appdata% on windows vista and 7) folder. The easiest way to find that folder is to start the game, select “texture packs” and click on the “open texture pack folder” button. It will locate “.minecraft/texturepacks”, and the JAR file should be placed in “.minecraft/bin”.

    To UNINSTALL the snapshot, start the launcher (Minecraft.exe on Windows) and click the “options” button. Then click on “force update” and login as usual. The launcher will then download the official JAR file for you. Note that save games created in the snapshot may not work (and probably doesn’t) in the official version of the game.

    Thanks to EnderDave for this post!
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