• Minecraft Adds Cross Platform Gameplay

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    A year after Microsoft acquired Minecraft makers Mojang, the company is updating the Windows 10 and Pocket editions of the extremely popular building game, and implementing the cross-platform support they have been promising. Players on PC, Windows Phone, iOS, and Android will now be able to create on the same server together. Features that existed on other versions but not the mobile version will also be added. The Pocket edition will now see improved weather effects, will be able to craft new items, and will have the ability to sprint around in the world they've developed.

    Five or less people will be able to connect and play with one another on a local area connection, meaning that multiple players in the same house will be able to roam and build in the same world without needing five of the same device. Five players will also be able to create together in Minecraft's Windows 10 version using Xbox Live. The most recent release of the game launched alongside Microsoft's new operating system, but is still in beta form, however all other platforms are stable full releases. The Pocket edition also still has less options than the console versions or original PC version. It has yet to be released when Microsoft will be incorporating cross platform compatibility for the other versions of Minecraft.

    Even though Microsoft purchased the rights to the Minecraft name last year in an unexpected $2 billion buyout, they have largely held off on making any major changes to Minecraft so far. They have however ensured that its new big-name property was available on day one of its new operating system's release. It has been rumored that Minecraft, and future relevant titles, would become exclusive to Microsoft down the road. But the update today shows that Microsoft might be more interested in allowing as many people to purchase and play Minecraft together than locking it down to its own consoles or operating system.